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Why should I use slate for my roofing material?

Slate roofs tend to last for a long time.

In the modern world, we're spoiled for choice when it comes to building materials. Just look at the range of possibilities when it comes to roofing alone: Wood, asphalt, metal, clay – how do you choose?

In the interests of making your decision easier, we suggest going with none of the above. Instead, have you considered slate as your roof material of choice? The metamorphic rock has a number of natural advantages that make it a shoe-in on your roofing shortlist. 

It's long lasting

Natural stone is generally more durable and longer lasting than other materials, so it's not surprising that slate tends to give roofs a particularly long lifespan. According to the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, slate that is S1 grade can last anywhere between 75 and 200 years. Considering nearly all slate installed on new roofs in the US is S1, there's a very good chance this will apply to your roof too. 

Think about this. If you build a roof from slate, you're not simply creating a feature that will likely last the entire time you live in a home – it'll be a feature that lasts whole generations! This will also make it a more cost-effective choice in the long run.

It's fireproof

As the National Slate Association points out, slate is completely fireproof, which makes it a safe and durable choice for homeowners. Depending on where you live, this can be a incredibly important, as some parts of the US are more prone to fires than others. For instance, California is known for the wildfires which blaze through the Golden State's countryside. 

Having a fire-resistant roof is key to to protecting both your home and those of your neighbors. Fires often spread across neighborhoods by jumping from roof to roof, so having one that is impervious to flames could well save you in a pinch. According to a paper from Michigan University, slate is far more fire resistant than both asphalt shingles and, unsurprisingly, wood.

It's environmentally conscious

This isn't the first time we've talked up the environmental benefits of slate. But that's because slate's green credentials are very real. Part of this is because it's slated (pardon the pun) to last for such a long time, reducing the need to scoop up more building materials as replacements. It also means it can easily be recycled, saving landfills from being clogged up with tons of defunct material. 

In addition to this, slate has a far more efficient production process than other roofing material like clay or concrete. Less greenhouse gas emissions are involved, further strengthening its benefit to the environment. 

It adds value

A slate roof is not merely a practical addition to a home. One of the upsides of using a high-end material like slate is that, because it's so highly valued and impressive, house buyers are more likely to pay a premium for your property if you end up putting it on the auction block.

In other words, it can give the value of your property a serious boost.. This might be useful if you're thinking of selling your property to fund your retirement, or simply want do downsize and have some extra cash to play with.

It looks pretty

And of course, what would a list of slate's finer qualities be without some reference to its aesthetic appeal? Its rich, deep and dark tones have won it many admirers over the centuries, and its rough textured surface can create a homely, rustic look for your property. This is particularly the case if you go with something like Vermont slate, prized for its high quality and traditional appearance. 

But the advantages slate brings are a two-way street. In order to reap its benefits you also need to do a bit of work ensure surface protection of your slate is maintained. Without a sealer like STAIN-PROOF Original™ applied, your slate roof could easily succumb to the ravages of weather, so be sure to call an Accredited Applicator upon installation.

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