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What’s on your Dry-Treat Christmas wish-list?

With Christmas on the horizon, for many people it’s time to start considering what they want to appear in their stockings come morning.

If you’re something of an athlete, perhaps a new pair of trainers or a baseball bat is what you have in mind. Or, if you happen to be something of a film buff, perhaps you’re hoping that new DVD box set is what tumbles out when you turn the stocking upside down.

But if you’re an owner of natural stone, perhaps these surface protection and cleaning solutions are more what you have in mind.

A safe and sustainable sealing solution

Many cleaners and sealers contain harmful chemicals, toxins and other by-products. For example, using bleach means you’re letting chlorine gas into the air. This Christmas, however, you don’t want to have a trade-off between your health and that of your stone.

Thankfully, Dry-Treat’s range of HANAFINN™ products are specifically designed with these concerns in mind. From HANAFINN Sola-Kleena™, which works using the power of the sun, to the biodegradable HANAFINN Oxy-Klenza™, there a number of products out there that are ideal for this purpose.

If you’re intent on sealing your stone, then you might consider META CRÈME™, a sealer that’s low on volatile organic compounds.

A countertop cleaner

Your kitchen countertop is likely one of the messiest stone features of your entire property. If it’s not juice spills and water spray, then it’s more than likely regularly covered by all kinds of food. Whether you’re getting ready to bake or just doing some food preparation for dinner, your countertop can be a mess – and you want the right product.

Better put HANAFINN Rejuvenata™ on your wish list this Christmas. Not only is it specifically designed for natural and engineered stone countertops, it also contains an invisible sealer to keep your surface even cleaner going forward.

A performance warranty

While other sealers might seem to do the trick, there’s no guarantee that they won’t simply stop successfully protecting your stone a few years down the line. Given the longevity of stone, it’s no wonder you would want some kind of performance warranty to make sure it stays protected for a long time to come.

The best presents aren’t always the biggest. Perhaps in this case, you want to find the phone number of an Accredited Applicator under your Christmas tree. If your stone is sealed by one of Dry-Treat’s Accredited Applicators, you could get a 15-year performance warranty, giving you the security you were hoping for these holidays.

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