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Using marble in your Greek home design

Adding marble to your interior design can give your home a Greek flavour.

The Greeks gave us plenty of inspiration – from philosophy to democracy, we’ve never been shy in adopting the best of their ideas for modern times.

So why not follow suit when it comes to home design? Taking a page out of the Greeks’ book – or, should we say, their codex – can be a fantastic method to revitalize your living space. And while there are plenty of strategies for giving your interior a more Mediterranean flavor – such as using a stark white colour scheme combined with earth tones – using marble as a decorative material is one of the most effective.

Build with marble

Part of what gave ancient Greek architecture such a striking appearance was the copious use of marble, notably used in the Parthenon at Athens. You too can call to mind such iconic architecture in your abode by employing marble as a primary building material.

Install tiles in the living room, or add a countertop to your kitchen. Surrounding yourself with marble surfaces will combine with the rest of your decor to create an unmistakably Greek theme.

A marble pool

Constructing your pool out of marble has the benefit of creating a sense of luxury for your home, evoking the kinds of extravagant vacation resorts on the Mediterranean coast. Don’t forget – when monarchs centuries ago wanted to demonstrate their wealth and opulence, marble was the material they chose.

Marble sculptures

Nowadays, marble is virtually synonymous with sculpture, immediately bringing to mind monumental Grecian works such as the Laocoon group or the Belvedere Torso.

While you’re never going to populate your living space with such monumental works of art, that’s not to say you can’t place marble sculpture in and around the house to add to the overall feel.

Just remember that if you’re going to make liberal use of marble, particularly around the pool, you’ll have to keep it protected from stains and damage.Treating it with an invisible and impregnating sealer such as STAIN-PROOF Original™ or META CRÈME™ is one of the best forms of marble protection out there.

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