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Trick or Dry-Treat: Caring for gravestones this Halloween

Cleaning gravestones means cleaning your property of spooky spirits.

Campfire gatherings are replete with tales of vengeful spirits returning from beyond the grave to haunt and harass the living. With Halloween not far away now, it’s likely you yourself will be getting in on the action and telling some campfire ghost stories sometime soon.

The reasons behind the grudges of these spooky ghosts are typically many and varied, ranging from injustice or unfinished business in the corporeal world to unforeseen disturbances waking the restless phantom from its eternal sleep – which brings us to the subject of surface cleaning and protection.

One of the most common causes of a haunting, as cited in folklore, is the disturbance of a grave site. Given this, and with Halloween coming up, it might pay to take extra good care of any nearby gravestones, lest you get any spectral sightseers coming your way.

Gravestones suffer weather damage

A variety of stones have been used through history for the markings of one’s final resting place, the International Southern Cemetery Gravestones Association (ISCGA) tells us. While sandstone was used from around 1650 to 1890, slate and cement is also not unusual to see. More recently, granite has been used due to its sturdiness and wide array of colors.

However, if you think that you can just leave a tough material like stone on its own to survive, you’d be making a grave mistake – pardon the pun.

Wind, temperature extremes, water and even acid rain can all damage gravestones irreparably, causing anything from acid etching to freeze-thaw spalling – and potentially releasing a host of lost souls doomed to wander the earth.

Effectively seal and clean your stone 

If you’d like to avoid sleepless nights full of rattling chains and groaning, you’ll have to take care of a gravestone with the right products.

You’ll want to seal your gravestone using STAIN-PROOF Original™, which will make it easier to clean and maintain in the future, whether indoors or outdoors. Then, if any stains from mold or other removable imperfections make their way onto the stone, you can clean it off with Dry-Treat’s Oxy-Klenza™ and Rejuvenata ACTIVE™.

According to the ISCGA, you need only clean a gravestone once a year – so you won’t have to deal with it until next October 31.

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