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Top 4 stones for pool decking

A pool and stone decking go together like bacon and eggs. A well-made, finely crafted stone area is the perfect compliment for a home pool, creating a lagoon-like feel to your outdoor area.

But when installing your pool, it’s not simply a matter of choosing any old stone surface and running with it. Pick the type of stone you want for your pool with care, considering look, feel and durability. Here are a few options.


Slate is a fine-grained, dense and durable type of stone that’s also able to be cut into varying shapes and sizes and relatively easy to install. This makes it ideal for a pool area, particularly if you’re planning on making your pool an irregular shape.

This also makes it uniquely attractive – there’s nothing quite like the look of a slate surface put together from many varied, jagged patterns, giving your surrounding area a natural vibe. Slate also comes in many different colors, all the way from brown to purple and green.


Travertine hits all the marks that make a good pool decking material: It’s attractive, it’s durable and because it absorbs water naturally there’s less chance of slippage. It’s no wonder it’s one of the more popular options when it comes to pool decking.

This stone also tends to not absorb heat as easily as other materials, making it perfect for wiggling your toes on during the summer time.


Limestone is one of the most versatile types of stone out there, popping up everywhere around the house, from the kitchen to the patio.

It’s tough and highly durable, so it can withstand repeated and constant use.When using limestone outdoors it is important to note that it may discolor over time due to the effects of acid rain.


Granite is another material chosen by builders for pools, not just due to its visual appeal but also its hardiness – it’s one of the toughest stones out there.

The advantages to granite are innumerable: It has have longevity, holding onto its natural look for a good while, tend to sparkle under the sun and come in a range of colours.

One thing to note about all of these natural stone decking ideas is the porosity of stone. All of these materials can quickly and easily absorb water, which can both stain and damage them, making it essential to do some surface protection and seal them.

After all, not only will you and your family be splashing around onto the stone, but the fact that it’s outdoors leaves it open to damage from the elements.

STAIN-PROOF Original™ from Dry-Treat is a reliable, impregnating sealer that can help protect your stone pool decking for years to come, whichever type you happen to choose.

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