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Top 4 stone stains to watch out for this Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving coming up, you’ve probably been weighing up a few things: What are you thankful for this year? What meal are you going to prepare? Who are you going to invite over for the celebration?

What you’ve probably given less thought to is the issue of surface cleaning during Thanksgiving. But with all those foodstuffs flying around, not to mention people imbibing a drink or two, the potential for some damaging stains on your stone countertop or patio is high.

Here are the top four stains to watch out for this Thanksgiving day.

1. Turkey stain

There’s nothing quite like carving up a juicy turkey and drowning it in gravy. But you have to be careful – all it takes is dropping a piece of meat onto the floor, or dripping a little bit of grease on the countertop as you transfer it to your plate, and suddenly your once spotless stone has an ugly oil stain.

The Marble Institute of America (MIA) recommends gentle cleaning to remove oil stains, using a soft liquid cleanser and household detergent, or sal soda.

2. Cranberry sauce

Cranberry sauce may not have been around on the first Thanksgiving – sugar was a pricey commodity at that time – but since at least 1663 it’s been a staple of the Thanksgiving  meal.

Unfortunately, it’s also very easy to cause stains with fruit – especially when transporting it around in a sauce. While outdoors the sun and rain will take care of stain removal for you, inside you can use products like baking soda, household cleaners or – if particularly stubborn – HANAFINN Oxy-Klenza™ to banish the spot.

3. Pumpkin pie

Another fruit-based treat, pumpkin pie also became popular in the 17th century and now serves as the perfect cap-off to an equally perfect Thanksgiving meal.

Along with the issue of fruit stains, if you like to slather the whipped cream on top of your pie, your stone could also be in trouble. Being a dairy product, cream has oils and fats that can stain a stone such as marble, so it’s critical to take care of it swiftly. Wipe it up immediately, and if it’s still an issue, deal with it as you would an oil stain.

4. Wine

The combination of wine with heavy gravy and turkey is great for getting us all ready to sleep at the end of a long day of festivities. However, it also tends to be a huge source of stains – and the more you drink the more likely a spill is to happen.

Wine is something of a double whammy in terms of stains, containing both fruit and alcohol. You’ll want to use baking soda to remove it, but, of course, if it’s not co-operating, Dry-Treat’s diverse range of cleaning products should do the trick.

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