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Top 4 Christmas toys that can stain your natural stone

Every Christmas morning, things get that little bit louder as the kids come screaming down to the tree, snatching their presents and ripping off the wrapping paper to see how Santa rewarded them this year. It’s a scene both heartwarming and exasperating.

On the one hand, seeing so much joy bouncing around the house is bound to warm your heart in these cold months. On the other hand, the toys you worked so hard to find can also be a significant source of stains for your natural stone.

That’s right – it’s not something you think about when you’re wrestling with the other parents at the store, but that toy that you bought junior can necessitate some serious surface cleaning over Christmas and beyond.

Here are some of the top ones to watch out for.


Starting out life in the 1920s as a wallpaper cleaner, since 1956 Play-Doh has been one of those classic toys whose appeal really is timeless. It’s provided kids all over the world with hours of wholesome and creative fun.

But it’s also provided parents with hours of cleaning work – particularly if you make your own. Play-Doh and its home-made derivatives contain dyes, as well as oil, which can not only discolor countertops and floors, but darken them.

Easy-Bake Oven

If you’ve got a granite countertop, or one made from another type of stone, you’re probably well aware of the potential damage you can do from kitchen work. Doing any kind of cooking is a messy affair at the best of times.

Now imagine if you give your kids the oven mitts and set them loose. No matter how educational this toy may be, the chance of stains is off the charts, from spilling oily batter to dropping cream and frosting.

Magic Markers

There’s something about felts and markers when you’re little. What makes these such great toys is the potential for young ones to let their imaginations run free, creating and coloring to their hearts’ content.

Unfortunately, the potential for mess is also there, particularly on lighter colored stone such as limestone, marble or concrete. Kids might get the idea that the stone is there for writing on, and before you know it, you have an adorably badly drawn kitty on your floor.

Paint set

A step up from Magic Markers, giving your child a painting kit for this holiday season is also a step up in terms of the possible stains to your natural stone.

Paint can be tough to remove from stone, though it depends on what kind of paint you’re looking at. Latex and acrylic paints tend not to leave stains, while oil-based paints can cause unsightly oily residue.

There are a variety of home-made solutions for these toy-related stains. But if you want a powerful cleaner that you can rely on for stain removal no matter what the source, go with HANAFINN Oxy-Klenza™. It’ll do the job everywhere from a kitchen and bathroom, to floors, walls and the garage.

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