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Top 3 types of American marble

Alabama is home to one of the finest building stones in the world.

If you're not well versed in the ways of marble, you'd be forgiven for thinking that there's only one variety in the world. In reality, there's not even one kind of marble in the United States!

The different strains of marble found across the US (and the world) are a product of the unique geological processes and mineral characteristics of the specific geographic locations in which they're found. As such, all of these different kinds of marble are incredibly unique and distinct.

Colorado's Yule marble

We've talked before about Colorado's Yule marble, one of the most prolific types of marble in the entire United States. Colorado's state rock is part of numerous buildings, not just in the state of its origin, but also in LA, Illinois – even Minnesota. Most famously, it's the stone which makes up the exterior of the Lincoln Memorial.

Yule marble is distinctive for its pure calcite grains, which give it an impossibly unvarnished, pristine white color. It's no wonder it's adorned so many buildings throughout the country.

Alabama's Sylacauga marble

Just as prolific as Yule marble, the Sylacauga marble, first discovered in Alabama in 1820, has served as the building stone of too many structures to count: the Chyrlser Mausoleum in New York, for one, as well as the Al Jolson Shrine in California and the Chicago Post Office. Interestingly, it too has a connection to Lincoln – it was the chosen material for the enormous bust of a beardless Lincoln that sits in the Rotunda in the Washington capitol.

Sylacauga marble is recognised as one of the finest quality stones on the earth, and was an important element of the state's local economy. While it is the creamy white strain which is best known, it also comes in equally breathtaking black, red, gray and pink tones.

Vermont's Danby marble

Finally, we have the Green Mountain State, so famed for its marble that it has an entire museum devoted to it. Danby marble is named after the Danby quarry from which it's extracted – the largest underground marble quarry in the world, stretching deep inside Dorset mountain.

Danby marble comes in a number of white varieties, from white and gray to Appalaichan Green. The swirling, complex vein patterns are enough for any passer-by to get lost in for hours, making it a continually popular material for home design.

While marble comes in a wide range of types, each distinct in its own way, they do share one feature: When exposed to liquids and other substances, they can all stain easily. Use a Dry-Treat cleaner like HANNAFIN Oxy-Klenza™ to get rid of unsightly marks immediately, and always be sure to seal your marble with a sealer like META CRÈME™.

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