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Top 3 stone care resolutions you should have on your list

Add these suggestions to your stone care resolutions list.

By this time of the year, New Year’s festivities are likely a partially distant memory. You’ve probably already set a list of resolutions for the New Year, and if you happen to own a stone feature or two, there’s a good chance some surface protection goals have made their way to it.

But in case your list is lacking some quality resolutions – or you’ve forgotten stone entirely from your list – allow us to suggest a few.

Enhance your stone’s color

As with anything, the color of stone fades over time. This can be due to any number of reasons, from the steadily damaging effect of UV light to weathering. Stones such as limestone and marble contain soluble minerals that can combine with water and oxygen to weather their surface.

However it happens, over time your stone can lose some of its original luster and sheen. If this sounds like your stone, make this year the time you do something to rectify this. Using Dry-Treat’s INTENSIFIA™, for example, not only seals your stone against stains and damage, it enhances its color, giving it back some of that original radiance – and in some cases, making it appear better than new.

Be diligent about wiping up spills

When there’s a million things to do in the kitchen, and ingredients are flying around every which way, it can be easy to leave spills unattended to while you bring order back to the space. However, when dealing with acidic substances, this kind of attitude can be disastrous for your stone.

This is mainly the case with calcite-based stones like marble, travertine or limestone. Calcite is also known as calcium carbonate, and it tends to react poorly to acids, leading to what’s known as acid etching. Long term exposure to acidic materials will corrode these stones’ surfaces, leading to both a loss of color and undermining the quality of the stone.

Call an Accredited Applicator

Any smart stone owner will know that sealing your stone with products like META CRÈME™ and STAIN-PROOF Original™ to keep it protected from damage by moisture and other substances is essential. That shouldn’t have to be one of your resolutions.

But calling an Accredited Applicator and spending that little extra to maintain your stone should be. While theoretically, sealers can be applied by anyone, it takes an experienced professional to really do a thorough job and ensure the longevity of your stone. And don’t forget the 15-year warranty that comes with any Dry-Treat product applied by an Accredited Applicator.

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