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Top 3 common summer fruit stains

The summer months are a time of sun, fun and revelry. These are the months made for barbecues, being with friends and, if you can, hitting the surf from time to time.

Unfortunately, the summer months are also a time of fruit and vegetable stains. Whether by cutting some fruit on your granite countertop or by spilling a carton of juice on your marble-tiled floor, the potential to stain whatever natural stone surface you happen to have around the house is high.

That doesn’t mean, however, that you should give up on fruit – or worse, give up on natural stone!

Rather, it just means you have to be vigilant about cleaning your stone to keep it looking pristine. If the spill happened to have taken place outside, then cleaning up the source of the stain will likely be enough – the sun and rain should take care of the rest.

If it happened inside, however, then Dry-Treat’s HANAFINN Rejuvenata™ ACTIVE may be the way to go. Put two-fifths of a quart into a gallon warm water, and you can start cleaning the mess.

However, before having to get down to some stain removal, it might pay to get familiar with some of the summer fruits that can cause the worst and most unsightly stains.

1. Lemons

Is there a more classic summer drink than lemonade? Lemons are virtually synonymous with the summertime. But if you’re not careful, they can also damage your stone surface.

Lemon juice is acidic, and so can cause acid etching in marble, limestone, travertine or any other calcite-based stone you might have around the house. Acid will eat away into these kinds of stones, especially marble, which is difficult to seal against acid. It’s why kitchen counter-tops are so rarely made from marble.

Let’s face it – you’re not going to swear off lemons in the summer. So instead, clean any lemon juice off as soon as possible.

2. Orange juice

Another ubiquitous summertime fruity treat, spilt orange juice is practically a staple in warmer months. Unfortunately, that also leaves plenty of opportunity for liquid to permeate the porous stone and leave a deep stain in your building materials.

The sugars in fruits like oranges will turn brown or yellow if left for too long, so it’s important to act fast.

3. Strawberries

Strawberries can be as irritating to stone as they are delicious to us, mostly because of their red color, which will make any stain more noticeable. Fruits like berries have natural dyes, making them extra hard to get rid of.

Thankfully, strawberry, like all fruit, is an organic stain, which makes cleaning it up somewhat easier. In fact, you might be able to remove it with just some hydrogen peroxide or baking soda and water, if you so choose.

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