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The Tribune Tower – all the stones of the world in one place

The Chicago skyline is one of the most famous in the world.

The beauty and durability of stone is well-known. But if you ever needed to get a confirmation for yourself, you could do worse than go down to Chicago and have a gander at the Tribune Tower. The building is a glorious reminder of what stone can add to any architectural space – but it's also a first-hand example of the importance of surface protection

The competition of the century

Nearly 100 years ago now, plans were put into place for what was quite possibly the most spectacular architectural competition of the 20th century. 

Robert R. McCormick and Joseph Paterson, the co-publishers of the Chicago Tribune, needed a new headquarters for their newspaper. But instead of simply paying for the construction of a building, the two men decided to hold an international competition to decide its design, complete with a $100,000 prize – far from pocket change in the values of the time.

More than 200 entries from 23 countries flooded in. What they chose was a design for a more than 30-story Gothic office building, its steel frame masked by Indiana limestone. It almost immediately became an iconic feature of the Chicago skyline, and remains so today. 

A resting place for old stone

The Tribune Tower is more than simply a beautiful old building, however. It's also a repository for some of the most famous stones that have ever existed. The 4,500-year old pyramid of Giza, the Great Wall of China, the Parthenon, the Colosseum, Notre Dame cathedral – if you can think of a famous stone structure, the Tribune Tower probably has a piece of it grafted onto itself. 

It takes just one look at the stones to see why taking care of your stone is so crucial. Misshapen, covered in ridges and pockmarks and full of cracks, the stones are a masterclass in weathering and erosion and great examples of the ravages of time on stone – if it's not properly protected.

If you don't want your stone becoming a weathered remnant of a long-gone civilization, it helps to seal it. Dry-Treat's STAIN-PROOF Original™ penetrates deep into a material's pores and forms a chemical bond with it, making it ideal for protecting surfaces from long-term damage.

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