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The IICRC’s top 5 holiday stains

If you’ve been scratching your head and wondering what the most common stains of the holiday season are, then scratch and wonder no more. The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) has recently released a study of 2,014 American adults, aged 18 and over, surveying their thoughts on the most frequent stains they see over the holidays.

“Holiday planning generally focuses on the food and decorations that make our homes and businesses feel more festive,” said IICRC Chairman Tony Wheelwright in a December 2 release.

“Our research shows that these substances have ended up on our floors or upholstery. If they aren’t properly treated, these stains can leave you with a lasting memory long after the holiday season has passed.”

Clearly, homeowners need to plan a little more for stain removal during the holiday season. Without further ado, let’s have a closer look at the IICRC’s top five stains and how to clean them.

1. Chocolate

According to the IICRC’s findings, chocolate is one of the two top-ranked stains, cited by 26 per cent of Americans. As Arkansas Stone Repair tells us, chocolate – whether a melted block or from spilt ice cream – can leave brown stains on light-colored marbles.

2. Fruit punch or dye-based drinks 

This was the other top stain of the season, with an equal share (26 per cent) of Americans citing it as a common stain. This is especially likely during Christmas, when the fruit punch tends to come out. While the acid in some fruits can cause acid etching – which you can’t protect against – left for too long, their sugars can turn brown or yellow on stone. If you’re thinking about switching to Kool-Aid, be aware that the dyes, especially orange and red ones, can be tough to remove.

3. Grease

Whether it’s basting turkey, or making some gravy, it’s not surprising that 23 per cent of those surveyed cited grease stains as one of the most common in this period. This is one you want to be particularly aware of, as grease tends to penetrate deeply into stone, darkening it. Be sure to treat it immediately.

4. Wine

Red and white wine brings to mind the colors of Christmas, but you’ll get no joy in having your stone stained in this tone. Because of the tannins in red wine, it’s especially harmful to your stone, leaving a clearly visible mark on your otherwise perfect surface.

5.  Candle wax

Last but hardly least, candle wax was the choice of 19 per cent of those surveyed for being one of the most frequent stains of the holidays. Waxes can be difficult to remove and cause yellow discoloration on the stone, so you want to be careful with any candles come Christmas.

If you do fall prey to these holiday stains – and with two-thirds of American households reporting such stains in this period, there’s a good chance you will – your safest bet is a tub of HANAFINN Oxy-Klenza™.

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