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The benefits of cleaning green

Plenty of home and business owners are aware of the sustainable aspects of natural stone.

As the Natural Stone Council points out, stone is “inherently earth-friendly”.

“Natural stone currently offers many attractive, environmentally friendly attributes, including an enduring life-cycle, durability, ease of care and maintenance, recyclability, and quarry and manufacturing best practices,” the Council states on its official website.

“Using natural stone shows that you take responsibility to care for the earth by actively striving to preserve, restore or improve the natural environment. Conserving resources, preventing pollution, and minimizing waste are some ways the stone industry is working to be eco-friendly through green building.”

However, that’s not where the green benefits have to end. Cleaning stone can also be made more sustainable by using the right products.

For example, Oxy-Klenza is a powerful natural stone cleaner that can be used both indoors and outside. Oxygen-based, this cleanser removes stains from grease, mold, algae and leaf marks, and can be used on everything from tiles to grout, as well as vinyl and unfinished wood.

Oxy-Klenza is biodegradable, decomposing into oxygen, water and natural salts. When compared to other, harsher cleaners available, it’s clear to see how a product like Oxy-Klenza can help benefit the environment.

Of course, green cleaning isn’t just advantageous for the environment, it can also ensure homes and businesses are a healthy place to live and work.

Benefits of green cleaning

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) highlights the effects cleaning products can have on human beings.

“Cleaning products are released to the environment during normal use through evaporation of volatile components and rinsing down the drain of residual product from cleaned surfaces, sponges, etc.,” the EPA states in Greening Your Purchase of Cleaning Products: A Guide For Federal Purchasers.

“Certain ingredients in cleaning products can present hazard concerns to exposed populations (e.g., skin and eye irritation in workers) or toxicity to aquatic species in waters receiving inadequately treated wastes (note that standard sewage treatment effectively reduces or removes most cleaning product constituents). Volatile organic compounds in cleaning products can affect indoor air quality and also contribute to smog formation in outdoor air.”

By investing in green cleaning products, you can reduce your exposure to toxic chemicals, as well as anyone else who may come into contact with your natural stone. This is especially important for people with respiratory issues, such as asthma.

Then again, regardless of your health, who doesn’t want improved air quality in their home or business?

Keeping stone looking great

Another thing to keep in mind is how harsh cleaners can ultimately damage natural stone. This is a particular danger for calcareous stones like marble and limestone.

Calcareous stones are comprised primarily of calcium carbonate, which makes them vulnerable to acidic materials.

The Marble Institute of America highlights the dangers acidic cleaning products pose for calcareous stone, saying this type of stone often requires different cleaning procedures.

In addition to avoiding cleaners featuring harsh chemicals, you’ll also want to ensure a simple cleaning with soap and water doesn’t end up causing problems.

All stones are vulnerable to water damage, but some are especially porous and can absorb water within seconds. This can lead to efflorescence, freeze-thaw damage, spalling, picture framing and the growth of mosses and molds.

Fortunately, an impregnating sealer can keep your natural stone protected from water, oil and other liquids.

A high-quality impregnating sealer will create a barrier that is designed to repel liquids. This can make surface cleaning that much easier while also providing your stone with the protection it needs.

So next time you’re getting down to giving your natural stone a shine, remember how cleaning green can benefit you, your stone and the environment.

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