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The beauty of Bluestone

Bluestone can be used for many things in and on buildings.

If you’re not familiar with different types of stones, Bluestone may sound more exotic than it actually is.

That’s not to say Bluestone isn’t an excellent building material, or that the blue coloring of wet or freshly cut Bluestone isn’t magnificent to look at.

But before you understand what Bluestone is, you need to separate its different definitions, as this name is attached to different materials around the world.

Bluestone in America

In the U.S., Bluestone refers to a feldspathic sandstone. This material is quarried in New York and Pennsylvania, and commercially referred to as Pennsylvania Bluestone.

This differs from the definition of Bluestone in Britain and Australia, where it is used to describe a form of dolerite or a basalt, respectively.

Meanwhile, back in America, Bluestone can also be used to describe a different variety, comprised of limestone.

Benefits of Bluestone

Bluestone is a very popular building material due to its versatility and durability.

It can be used as pavers for veneers, fireplace accents, flooring, wall cladding, stairways and pretty much any other application you can think of.

Bluestone is also a very hardy material thanks to its dense composition, one more reason it’s so popular with builders and property owners.

However, even this density doesn’t make Bluestone invulnerable to damage from liquids. A tablespoon of water left on a Bluestone tile for 30 minutes will result in a deep stain, making it essential to seal your Bluestone if you want to provide surface protection.

Sealing Bluestone

When it comes to sealing, STAIN-PROOF Original™ will provide your Bluestone with invisible, fully breatheable protection from water and oil, reducing the chances for stains and structural damage.

You may also wish to consider INTENSIFIA™, which will help protect your Bluestone while also enhancing its natural coloring.

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