The top 3 most asked sealer questions

Your burning questions about sealers will finally be answered.

Just because you've had your stone sealed in the past doesn't necessarily mean you're an expert on every aspect of sealers. After all, we may all own cars, but most of us couldn't...

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Don’t let coffee mean calamity for your stone

The relative lack of foam in coffee makes it easier to spill.

What would we do without that morning shot of espresso to get us started for the working day or week? While most people would agree the world runs on substances like oil, there's c...

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Iron: The silent stone stainer

You wouldn't think so, but the bathroom can be a prime location for iron staining.

In the field of music, heavy metal and rock and roll are two closely related genres. You could almost say they're cousins. But in the world of surface protection, iron and stone...

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Getting your stone ready for Santa’s visit – stains to watch out for

The fun-sized figure of the festive season could leave your stone with a few flaws.

With Christmas rapidly approaching, you can expect to find a stranger rummaging through your house in the dead of night, eating your food and promptly disappearing into the dusk. W...

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Don’t let Christmas fruitcake mean curtains for your stone

Baking can be messy at the best of times.

Christmas is a time of giving, well-wishing and goodwill to all mankind. It also traditionally the time of fruitcake. Depending on where you stand on the fruitcake issue, this i...

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The IICRC’s top 5 holiday stains

If you've been scratching your head and wondering what the most common stains of the holiday season are, then scratch and wonder no more. The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and ...

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Top 4 Christmas toys that can stain your natural stone

Every Christmas morning, things get that little bit louder as the kids come screaming down to the tree, snatching their presents and ripping off the wrapping paper to see how Santa...

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Top 4 stone stains to watch out for this Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving coming up, you've probably been weighing up a few things: What are you thankful for this year? What meal are you going to prepare? Who are you going to invite ove...

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Top 3 Halloween stain removal situations

Halloween is traditionally a time of year when all the ghouls and goblins come out to play. It's the day when hordes of trick-or-treaters flood the streets, knocking on door after ...

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Top 3 common summer fruit stains

The summer months are a time of sun, fun and revelry. These are the months made for barbecues, being with friends and, if you can, hitting the surf from time to time. Unfortunat...

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How do oil stains get on natural stone?

You're not likely to be walking around like this in the house, so where do oil stains occur?

If your home uses various natural stone surfaces, you're probably aware of the different types of stains that stone is vulnerable to. Water and various acidic liquids can soak in t...

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What is a poultice: Potential solution for stubborn staining

Try to avoid the need for a poultice in the first place by improving surface protection with a high-quality impregnating sealer.

Persistent stains can be a nightmare to deal with, especially if they affect your natural stone. Surfaces like granite and marble countertops can be difficult to clean, and sometim...

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The hazards of using natural stone for driveways

Since most driveways are located in open spaces, they are also vulnerable to organic and biological stains.

From standard concrete pavers to intricate tiles, natural stone is a popular choice for driveways. Not only does stone provide natural hardiness, depending on the style chosen, it ...

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The worst stains and what causes them

Efflorescence is a white powder that can appear on the surface of materials due to salt minerals contained in water.

Many home and business owners enjoy the benefits of natural stone, whether as flooring, wall cladding or countertops. By employing a high-quality impregnating sealer, such as ST...

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Tips for choosing the right cleaning product for your stone

Depending on the types of stain and stone, there are a number of different solutions available for you to use.

Porous stone floors are an architectural marvel that have been around for thousands of years - a testament to their beauty and versatility. However, looking after them can be a dif...

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What sealers don’t do

Impregnating sealers can offer protection, but not against acid etching caused by materials such as citrus fruits.

With the protection impregnating sealers can offer, as well as the way they make surface cleaning that much easier, it can be easy to assume there's nothing these products can't do...

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Where is stone a no-no?

There are plenty of reasons to add natural stone to your home design. First and foremost, it's a stunning visual option, as natural stone can come in various colours and texture...

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