Whether brown, black or grey, slate is the green choice

Despite its grey color, slate is actually very green.

Slate seems to have it all. It's attractive for one, coming in a number of deep, somber hues. It's versatile, being able to be used for everything from floors and outdoor areas to ...

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Stone origins: Slate

This floor is technically older than the dinosaurs.

Slate is incredibly versatile, able to be used for a variety of applications around the home. Not only can this stone serve as the basis for flooring or countertops, as the Nationa...

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Top 4 stones for pool decking

A pool and stone decking go together like bacon and eggs. A well-made, finely crafted stone area is the perfect compliment for a home pool, creating a lagoon-like feel to your outd...

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Choosing the right bathroom countertop

Surface protection is important in bathrooms.

A bathroom countertop isn't just a flat surface to hold your toiletries, it's also an important aesthetic factor in your home. Along with the bathroom's paint job, wallpaper and fi...

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