Whether brown, black or grey, slate is the green choice

Despite its grey color, slate is actually very green.

Slate seems to have it all. It's attractive for one, coming in a number of deep, somber hues. It's versatile, being able to be used for everything from floors and outdoor areas to ...

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The top 3 most asked sealer questions

Your burning questions about sealers will finally be answered.

Just because you've had your stone sealed in the past doesn't necessarily mean you're an expert on every aspect of sealers. After all, we may all own cars, but most of us couldn't...

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What do we mean when we talk about a breathable sealer?

The principles of mediation and surface protection are similar - breathing is essential!

Dry-Treat's sealers - from STAIN-PROOF Original™ and META CRÈME™ to DRY-TREAT 40SK™ - have a lot of selling points. They're impregnating, which means they don't sim...

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Alkali attack, and the sealer to survive it

We usually talk about the danger of acids to stone - but alkali attack can harm concrete.

Alkali attack: It sounds like name of a Star Trek episode doesn't it? But far from science fiction, alkali attack is very much science fact. And it can wreak havoc on your natur...

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Surface protection and the ‘other’ Parthenon

Greece isn't the only place you can find the Parthenon.

The Parthenon and the Acropolis in Athens is one of the great symbols of Western civilization that's at or near the top of just about anyone's 'to-visit' list. Built around two and...

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Top 3 misconceptions about natural stone and sealing

Let us bust these major stone misconceptions for you.

We here at Surfacepedia like to think we know a little bit about stone. But not everyone is a stone expert - if you're an ordinary home owner, you've probably got a million things ...

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Getting your stone ready for Santa’s visit – stains to watch out for

The fun-sized figure of the festive season could leave your stone with a few flaws.

With Christmas rapidly approaching, you can expect to find a stranger rummaging through your house in the dead of night, eating your food and promptly disappearing into the dusk. W...

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What’s on your Dry-Treat Christmas wish-list?

With Christmas on the horizon, for many people it's time to start considering what they want to appear in their stockings come morning. If you're something of an athlete, perhap...

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Exposed brick in the kitchen – another dangerous combination

A pizza oven is one case where brick might find its way in the kitchen.

Stop the presses: Using brick in the kitchen is okay again! It used to be that people spent money, time and sweat in order to cover up the brick their properties were made out o...

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All the ways of water damage

Water can damage stone in a variety of ways.

Water has the potential to damage natural stone. There, we said it. But it's not the end of the world. Knowing is half the battle, and when you know how water damage can commonl...

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A lesson on granite protection from the Gettysburg Memorial

The cannons and statutes of Gettysburg suffered damage over the decades.

There may not be more hallowed American soil than that of the 4,000 acre Gettysburg National Military Park. Millions come every year to see for themselves the ground on which 51,00...

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Trick or Dry-Treat: Caring for gravestones this Halloween

Cleaning gravestones means cleaning your property of spooky spirits.

Campfire gatherings are replete with tales of vengeful spirits returning from beyond the grave to haunt and harass the living. With Halloween not far away now, it's likely you your...

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META CRÈME™: The low-VOC sealing solution

VOCs come in the form of both gas and liquid.

You've just had new marble tiles installed on your kitchen floor. They're everything you dreamed of. Gleaming, beautiful and spotless, they'll be the centerpiece of your kitchen. N...

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3 methods of surface protection for your chimney

Brick is a natural choice of material for a chimney, not least because of its durability. As the Brick Industry Association (BIA) tells us, brick is made when a mixture of shale an...

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The cure for concrete cancer

Water gets into cracks like these and erodes the concrete from within.

Achilles had his heel. Samson had his flowing locks. Siegfried had his shoulder. Even the toughest of us have our weak points. It wouldn't surprise you, then, to learn that even...

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Topical vs. Impregnating sealers: What you need to know

So you've decided you're going to do it: You're going to seal your stone. You've weighed up the options and realized it's going to make a lot more sense - given the type of stone...

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The do’s and don’t’s of maintaining travertine

Travertine has been a staple building material for more than a millennium due to its attractive appearance and softness. However, its porosity also makes it particularly vulnerable...

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Selecting the right splashback

While there's no law that says a homeowner must invest in splashbacks, they are typically seen as a necessity in modern homes.

While nearly everyone can identify a floor, wall or countertop, even experienced homeowners may not be familiar with the concept of a splashback. What is a splashback? Splash...

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The hazards of using natural stone for driveways

Since most driveways are located in open spaces, they are also vulnerable to organic and biological stains.

From standard concrete pavers to intricate tiles, natural stone is a popular choice for driveways. Not only does stone provide natural hardiness, depending on the style chosen, it ...

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Which Dry-Treat sealer should I choose?

Whether it's sealing, cleaning or color enhancement you're after, Dry-Treat has a number of products specially designed to suit your specific needs.

Dry-Treat has a number of high-quality sealers to choose from, but which one is the best choice for you depends on the material you're sealing and what your overall goals are. Afte...

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