The do’s and don’t’s of maintaining travertine

Travertine has been a staple building material for more than a millennium due to its attractive appearance and softness. However, its porosity also makes it particularly vulnerable...

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Considering grout for natural stone tiles

A high-quality impregnating sealer like STAIN-PROOF Originalâ„¢ can be used on not only natural stone, but brick, pavers, tiles, engineering concrete and grout as well.

When focusing on surface cleaning and protection for natural stone, it's important for home and business owners to consider other factors besides the stone itself. For instance,...

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Understanding porosity: How to select the right stone for your needs

Marble, limestone and travertine are more porous and require extra attention.

While shopping around for the perfect natural stone for your home, you will come across a variety of colorful jargon. However, unless you have a background in stone care or mainten...

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Cleaning wine stains from your porous surfaces

Wine stains don't have to be the end of the world for your tile.

So, the Friday night BBQ is over and now you're waking up on Saturday morning to good memories, a full stomach and a bit of a hangover to boot. But wait, what's this? Wine stain...

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