Stone origins: Porcelain

Porcelain's unique, glassy texture is the result of its manufacturing process.

White, translucent, smooth. We can only be describing one thing: Porcelain. Porcelain has been around for centuries, and is often associated with China - not only the country, b...

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Selecting the right splashback

While there's no law that says a homeowner must invest in splashbacks, they are typically seen as a necessity in modern homes.

While nearly everyone can identify a floor, wall or countertop, even experienced homeowners may not be familiar with the concept of a splashback. What is a splashback? Splash...

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Ceramic versus porcelain: Understanding the differences between tiles

While ceramic tiles are made through a kiln, porcelain tiles are fired at a level that drives out water and crystallizes some of the materials' molecules - a process known as vitrification.

Purchasing tiles for your home is a huge step to take, regardless of whether you're building from scratch or renovating your existing home. They will most likely take up large, ope...

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Porcelain: Tougher than you may think

Porcelain might just be the right choice for a room that gets a lot of foot traffic.

When writers describe a character's skin as being like porcelain, it can lead you to believe that this material is soft and malleable. That couldn't be further from the truth. ...

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