Stone origins: Porcelain

Porcelain's unique, glassy texture is the result of its manufacturing process.

White, translucent, smooth. We can only be describing one thing: Porcelain. Porcelain has been around for centuries, and is often associated with China - not only the country, b...

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Stone origins: Brick

The humble brick is actually the product of a rather dynamic process.

In the final part of our 'Stone origins' series, we come to one of the most common and popular types of stone there are: Brick. Brick may be a man-made stone, but its ubiquity i...

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Stone origins: Terracotta

The terracotta pots and other objects are made from has an interesting production process.

All of the natural stone examples we've previously discussed in our "Stone origins" series had one thing in common: They were the result of millions of years of intense, geological...

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