How granite can keep your kitchen bacteria-free

Granite can help reduce the amount of bacteria in your kitchen.

You may not realize it, but your kitchen may well be the dirtiest part of your entire house. In a much-cited, widely reported study from 2005, researchers for the University of Ari...

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Which stone should I choose for my kitchen countertop?

There are so many types of stone out there - but which is right for your countertop?

Natural stone is a versatile material. It can, and typically is, used for a wide variety of applications around the home, from walls and flooring to roofs and backsplashes. Perh...

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Could your restaurant benefit from a bit of brick?

Brick instantly creates a warmer feel in dining establishments.

At some point in our lives, we all get the hankering to try our hand at the food industry. The dream is to set up a hot spot that quickly becomes a defining fixture of the area, l...

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Choosing the right stone for your kitchen features

Stone can add elegance to the kitchen - if you use it right.

The kitchen: For some it's the centerpiece of the home, the area around which the rest of the home decor and layout revolves. For others, it's simply one room among many, but one v...

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Exposed brick in the kitchen – another dangerous combination

A pizza oven is one case where brick might find its way in the kitchen.

Stop the presses: Using brick in the kitchen is okay again! It used to be that people spent money, time and sweat in order to cover up the brick their properties were made out o...

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How do oil stains get on natural stone?

You're not likely to be walking around like this in the house, so where do oil stains occur?

If your home uses various natural stone surfaces, you're probably aware of the different types of stains that stone is vulnerable to. Water and various acidic liquids can soak in t...

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