Whether brown, black or grey, slate is the green choice

Despite its grey color, slate is actually very green.

Slate seems to have it all. It's attractive for one, coming in a number of deep, somber hues. It's versatile, being able to be used for everything from floors and outdoor areas to ...

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You don’t need Greenstone to have a green stone

Natural stone can be healthy for the environment.

Climate change is a hot topic lately, pardon the pun. With world leaders trying to reduce its effects and experts warning of the potential consequences of doing nothing, it seems ...

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META CRÈME™: The low-VOC sealing solution

VOCs come in the form of both gas and liquid.

You've just had new marble tiles installed on your kitchen floor. They're everything you dreamed of. Gleaming, beautiful and spotless, they'll be the centerpiece of your kitchen. N...

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