How granite can keep your kitchen bacteria-free

Granite can help reduce the amount of bacteria in your kitchen.

You may not realize it, but your kitchen may well be the dirtiest part of your entire house. In a much-cited, widely reported study from 2005, researchers for the University of Ari...

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Stone origins: Granite

These granite tiles were once hot, molten rock swimming beneath the earth.

When you think of hard, long-lasting and durable, there tends to be one particular stone that comes to mind above all others: Granite. Granite is known as one of the toughest stone...

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Top 4 stones for pool decking

A pool and stone decking go together like bacon and eggs. A well-made, finely crafted stone area is the perfect compliment for a home pool, creating a lagoon-like feel to your outd...

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A lesson on granite protection from the Gettysburg Memorial

The cannons and statutes of Gettysburg suffered damage over the decades.

There may not be more hallowed American soil than that of the 4,000 acre Gettysburg National Military Park. Millions come every year to see for themselves the ground on which 51,00...

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Selecting the right splashback

While there's no law that says a homeowner must invest in splashbacks, they are typically seen as a necessity in modern homes.

While nearly everyone can identify a floor, wall or countertop, even experienced homeowners may not be familiar with the concept of a splashback. What is a splashback? Splash...

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