Stone: The key ingredient in recent housing design trends

What better way to replicate that spa feel than with luxurious natural stone?

Recent housing trends across America are showing just how versatile natural stone can be for design and construction. A July 14 article published by the LaCrosse Tribune highlig...

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Bricks aren’t just for the Land of Oz

With today's focus on green homes and sustainability, brick fits right in.

For many people, when they think bricks, they think the color yellow. Who could forget Dorothy's stroll down the yellow brick road in The Wizard of Oz, after all? Fortunately, i...

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Forget backyards and driveways; bring concrete inside!

Think about introducing concrete into the home

At one time, concrete was viewed as a building material, not a design choice. It was a material best used outside - something cars could drive on, not a focal point for home decor....

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Go for the real deal when it comes to stone


Most people understand the durability and aesthetic value that comes with natural stone, but price points often stop home and business owners from incorporating it into their desig...

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