Which stone should I choose for my kitchen countertop?

There are so many types of stone out there - but which is right for your countertop?

Natural stone is a versatile material. It can, and typically is, used for a wide variety of applications around the home, from walls and flooring to roofs and backsplashes. Perh...

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Choosing the right stone for your kitchen features

Stone can add elegance to the kitchen - if you use it right.

The kitchen: For some it's the centerpiece of the home, the area around which the rest of the home decor and layout revolves. For others, it's simply one room among many, but one v...

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Choosing the right bathroom countertop

Surface protection is important in bathrooms.

A bathroom countertop isn't just a flat surface to hold your toiletries, it's also an important aesthetic factor in your home. Along with the bathroom's paint job, wallpaper and fi...

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Match wood with stone for a classic countertop look

Mixing and matching stone and wood in your kitchen, particularly when it comes to countertops, can create a look that walks the line between modern and rustic.

There's no doubt natural stone has plenty of aesthetic value all on its own, but sometimes matching the stone in your home with another material can bring out the best in both of t...

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Countertop care 101

One important thing to keep in mind is that any and all spills should be cleaned up as quickly as possible.

Keeping your stone countertops looking great is less about a complicated cleaning regimen and more about using commonsense and the right tools. Act fast One important thing t...

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