Alkali attack, and the sealer to survive it

We usually talk about the danger of acids to stone - but alkali attack can harm concrete.

Alkali attack: It sounds like name of a Star Trek episode doesn't it? But far from science fiction, alkali attack is very much science fact. And it can wreak havoc on your natur...

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Surface protection and the ‘other’ Parthenon

Greece isn't the only place you can find the Parthenon.

The Parthenon and the Acropolis in Athens is one of the great symbols of Western civilization that's at or near the top of just about anyone's 'to-visit' list. Built around two and...

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The cure for concrete cancer

Water gets into cracks like these and erodes the concrete from within.

Achilles had his heel. Samson had his flowing locks. Siegfried had his shoulder. Even the toughest of us have our weak points. It wouldn't surprise you, then, to learn that even...

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Concrete pavers cement their place in homes and businesses

Efflorescence is an issue for all cement-based building materials.

When you think of beautiful home and business designs, concrete may not be the first word that comes to mind. The word itself often conjures up images of boring grey and rough edge...

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Driveway care: Basic ways to remove oil stains from concrete

Unfortunately, you car can end up leaving unsightly oil stains on your driveway.

Your driveway is an area that experiences use almost every day. Naturally, the stone you choose to use for this needs to be sturdy in order to deal with the various stains that can...

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Forget backyards and driveways; bring concrete inside!

Think about introducing concrete into the home

At one time, concrete was viewed as a building material, not a design choice. It was a material best used outside - something cars could drive on, not a focal point for home decor....

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