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Top 3 stone care resolutions you should have on your list

Add these suggestions to your stone care resolutions list.

By this time of the year, New Year's festivities are likely a partially distant memory. You've probably already set a list of resolutions for the New Year, and if you happen to own...

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Which Dry-Treat sealer should I choose?

Whether it's sealing, cleaning or color enhancement you're after, Dry-Treat has a number of products specially designed to suit your specific needs.

Dry-Treat has a number of high-quality sealers to choose from, but which one is the best choice for you depends on the material you're sealing and what your overall goals are. Afte...

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Enhance the color of your stone

When you're looking for surface protection from stains, wouldn't it make sense to use a product that will also do more to enhance colors?

One of the best things about natural stone is that unlike man-made materials, the look of each stone is completely unique. No two stones are exactly the same, and the flecks of col...

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