Getting your stone ready for Santa’s visit – stains to watch out for

The fun-sized figure of the festive season could leave your stone with a few flaws.

With Christmas rapidly approaching, you can expect to find a stranger rummaging through your house in the dead of night, eating your food and promptly disappearing into the dusk. W...

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Getting your brick chimney ready for Christmas

For most of the year, there's a good chance you've simply been using the fireplace to your heart's content, heedless of the consequences. The likely result is a deeply stained fire...

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Don’t let Christmas fruitcake mean curtains for your stone

Baking can be messy at the best of times.

Christmas is a time of giving, well-wishing and goodwill to all mankind. It also traditionally the time of fruitcake. Depending on where you stand on the fruitcake issue, this i...

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The IICRC’s top 5 holiday stains

If you've been scratching your head and wondering what the most common stains of the holiday season are, then scratch and wonder no more. The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and ...

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Top 4 Christmas toys that can stain your natural stone

Every Christmas morning, things get that little bit louder as the kids come screaming down to the tree, snatching their presents and ripping off the wrapping paper to see how Santa...

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