Stone origins: Brick

The humble brick is actually the product of a rather dynamic process.

In the final part of our 'Stone origins' series, we come to one of the most common and popular types of stone there are: Brick. Brick may be a man-made stone, but its ubiquity i...

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Could your restaurant benefit from a bit of brick?

Brick instantly creates a warmer feel in dining establishments.

At some point in our lives, we all get the hankering to try our hand at the food industry. The dream is to set up a hot spot that quickly becomes a defining fixture of the area, l...

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Getting your brick chimney ready for Christmas

For most of the year, there's a good chance you've simply been using the fireplace to your heart's content, heedless of the consequences. The likely result is a deeply stained fire...

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Exposed brick in the kitchen – another dangerous combination

A pizza oven is one case where brick might find its way in the kitchen.

Stop the presses: Using brick in the kitchen is okay again! It used to be that people spent money, time and sweat in order to cover up the brick their properties were made out o...

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3 methods of surface protection for your chimney

Brick is a natural choice of material for a chimney, not least because of its durability. As the Brick Industry Association (BIA) tells us, brick is made when a mixture of shale an...

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Bricks aren’t just for the Land of Oz

With today's focus on green homes and sustainability, brick fits right in.

For many people, when they think bricks, they think the color yellow. Who could forget Dorothy's stroll down the yellow brick road in The Wizard of Oz, after all? Fortunately, i...

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