Acid Etching

How to conduct an acid sensitivity test on your stone

An acid sensitivity test can be conducted with household vinegar.

Ensuring quality surface protection for your stone - whether it be with a sealer or by being careful with the particular substances you use around a stone - means knowing what ston...

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Top 3 misconceptions about natural stone and sealing

Let us bust these major stone misconceptions for you.

We here at Surfacepedia like to think we know a little bit about stone. But not everyone is a stone expert - if you're an ordinary home owner, you've probably got a million things ...

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The IICRC’s top 5 holiday stains

If you've been scratching your head and wondering what the most common stains of the holiday season are, then scratch and wonder no more. The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and ...

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A lesson on granite protection from the Gettysburg Memorial

The cannons and statutes of Gettysburg suffered damage over the decades.

There may not be more hallowed American soil than that of the 4,000 acre Gettysburg National Military Park. Millions come every year to see for themselves the ground on which 51,00...

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Where is stone a no-no?

There are plenty of reasons to add natural stone to your home design. First and foremost, it's a stunning visual option, as natural stone can come in various colours and texture...

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