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Stones need to breathe?

No, natural stones don't have lungs.

Of all the things to consider when maintaining and protecting natural stone, breatheability should be chief among them.

However, if you’re new to surface protection, you may be wondering what breatheability is and why it’s so important.

Stones breathe?

No, natural stones don’t have lungs. When referring to stone being able to breathe, it means that vapor transmission is allowed.

Put simply, breathable stone allows water vapor to escape.

This is an important factor to consider when selecting a sealer for your stone. Unlike topical sealers, which simply create a coat over the surface of the stone, impregnating sealers penetrate below the surface.

Not only can this help keep contaminants out, it will not interfere with moisture escaping the stone.

Dry-Treat impregnating sealers, such as STAIN-PROOF Original, attach themselves to the material’s molecules, helpingĀ it to repel liquids like water. The sealing molecules are hundreds of times smaller than those found in standard resin or fluoro-polymer impregnators. This means Dry-Treat sealers won’t block pores, ensuring maximum breatheability.

Substandard sealers could block the breathing capability of the stone, leading to structural damage.

When you’re trying to protect your investment, the last thing you want to do is cause damage. However, this is far from the only reason to consider an impregnating sealer over the topical variety.

Topical sealers can cause problems

According to the Marble Institute of America (MIA), there are numerous disadvantages associated with topical sealers.

“Since most topical sealers are typically softer than the stone itself, they will usually scratch, mar and scuff very easily, showing traffic patterns soon after application. This will require frequent buffing, burnishing, or reapplication,” the MIA states.

Additionally, the MIA states topical sealers can build up on the surface of stone, leading to an unsightly appearance.

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