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Stone: The key ingredient in recent housing design trends

What better way to replicate that spa feel than with luxurious natural stone?

Recent housing trends across America are showing just how versatile natural stone can be for design and construction.

A July 14 article published by the LaCrosse Tribune highlighted how it’s becoming increasingly popular to transform boring old bathrooms into spa-inspired sanctuaries.

“Clients are desiring master suites that are luxurious, peaceful and spa-like retreats that they can come home to after a long day at work,” Susan El-Naggar, a principal at interior design firm Healing Environments, was quoted as saying.

“The bathroom is becoming a place to relax with a fireplace, soaking tub and possibly even a sauna.”

And what better way to replicate that spa feel than with luxurious natural stone?

Nothing says ultimate spa luxury like a cavalcade of candles, fluffy white bath towels and a gleaming marble floor.

Cathi Lloyd, an interior designer with Decorating Den Interiors, told the Tribune that in addition to spa-like colors, natural stone can be the perfect addition for things like walk-in showers.

Another trend on the rise includes bringing the outdoors inside, something stone is perfectly suited to accomplish.

“One growing trend we have seen is incorporating walls of windows and patio doors to make the outdoors an extension of indoor living space and vice versa,” Jim Horn, director of brand marketing for Ply Gem Windows, said in an article published on July 7 by The Westerly Sun.

“Homeowners are also taking cues from interior design and looking for bolder features and colors to liven up the entire exterior, with everything from brightly colored windows to rustic stone accents.”

A patio filled out with gorgeous sandstone or even teracotta tiles can provide homes with a rustic yet aesthetically pleasing look. And by incorporating stone flooring in the home’s interior, the separation between outside and inside can be reduced considerably, creating a better flow between spaces.

No matter how you use stone in the home, however, keep in mind that using a high-quality impregnating sealer remains the best way to keep your investment looking great.

Products like STAIN-PROOF Originalâ„¢ make it easy to keep your stone protected from stains and structural damage caused by liquids.

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