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Prevention is better than cure

Instead of worrying about cleaning your stone after the fact, your best bet would be focusing on prevention.

It’s often said that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and it’s easy to see the logic involved.

After all, anyone who’s ever had to deal with a nasty cold knows that simply working on staying healthy is much easier, cheaper and more comfortable than having to fight an illness.

The same holds true for the maintenance of natural stone, and dealing with efflorescence is the perfect example.

Plenty of natural stone owners have been greeted by the eyesore of water soluble salts rising to the surface of their stone and ruining an otherwise beautiful material. This occurs when water enters a material and salt dissolves, rising to the surface when the water evaporates.

Whether it’s a filmy white powder or what appear to be brown, green or yellow salt crystals, chances are you want it gone. Unfortunately, if efflorescence cures and hardens, you’re left with the option of either sandblasting or chemically cleaning your stone.

Both methods can remove efflorescence, but they might also erode the surface of your stone, marring its natural beauty and ultimately leaving it more porous than before.

Instead of worrying about cleaning your stone after the fact, your best bet would be focusing on prevention.

A premium-quality impregnating sealer such as STAIN-PROOF Original is just the ticket. This product is both invisible and breathable, protecting natural stone while also maintaining its current appearance. By creating a barrier intended to repel water, this product can prevent efflorescence and other common structural damage caused by liquids, such as spalling and picture framing.

Additionally, using a quality sealer can make surface cleaning and everyday maintenance easier.

Whether you’re working with gleaming marble or sandstone pool surrounds, investing in prevention with the right sealer is a much better option than working on a cure.

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