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Preventing tile picture framing

Seal all your tiles with an impregnating sealer prior to grouting.

When most people think of picture framing, it’s usually in a positive light. Protecting valuable memories in frames on the home wall is sentimental by nature, and something that is done to help preserve a memento from a special occasion.

However, when it comes to picture framing on your stone tiles, this is a different story entirely. Tile picture framing is when the color from the grout you used begins to seep into the coloring of the tile and creates discoloration around its sides.

This usually affects all four sides of the tile and comes in a few millimeters deep, producing an effect similar to that of a frame.

There are a number of reasons that this could occur for a tile. One of the most common is people grouting their tiles before they’ve been adequately sealed. By grouting an unsealed tile, you run the risk of having the stone pull some of the color from the grout, staining the tile and producing the framing effect.

The best way to avoid this is to seal all your tiles with an impregnating sealer prior to grouting. Products like STAIN-PROOF Original can help prevent picture framing. However, keep in mind that it’s essential that the sealer is cured and that the tiles are completely dry before applying the grout to the area.

Leaving the tiles overnight to let the sealer cure should be enough to prevent the headache and stress of picture framing.

Furthermore, some stones and tiles are more susceptible to framing by nature due to their porosity. Stones like grey and black basalt, bluestone and limestone should all be carefully and thoroughly sealed before you undertake grouting to ensure the color doesn’t soak into their edges.

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