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META CRÈME™: The low-VOC sealing solution

VOCs come in the form of both gas and liquid.

You’ve just had new marble tiles installed on your kitchen floor. They’re everything you dreamed of. Gleaming, beautiful and spotless, they’ll be the centerpiece of your kitchen. Now it’s time to seal the marble in order to keep them protected for years to come.

The problem is, which sealer do you choose? Sealers are, after all, chemicals, and haven’t you heard about the dangers of VOCs?

What are VOCs?

VOC stands for volatile organic compounds. They are a variety of different carbon-based chemicals that are emitted by a range of products. Some of those whose names you might know include benzene, formaldehyde and acetone.

VOCs come in the form of both gases and liquids, and are the products of literally thousands of different items. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) lists some of these as paints, glues, correction fluids, pesticides and cleaning supplies – and, of course, sealers themselves.

Are there any health risks?

Given that they emanate from so many common household products, VOCs are not necessarily immediately hazardous. However, there are a number of potential short and long-term health effects. These range from headaches, nausea and irritation of the eyes, nose and throat to more serious ones like damage to the kidneys, liver and the central nervous system.

If you use sealers on your stone that contain high amounts of VOCs, whether inside or outside, there is a chance it could have health implications. According to the EPA, concentrations of VOCs are up to ten times higher indoors than out, while the US Geological Survey points out that they can be ground water contaminants if released outside.

So what can you do if you’re intent on sealing your stone?

META CRÈME™ to the rescue

“The best health protection measure is to limit your exposure to products and materials that contain VOCs when possible,” the Minnesota Department of Health says.

This means not only taking the proper safety precautions when undertaking surface protection, but also choosing the right sealer.

Fortunately, Dry-Treat’s META CRÈME™ is an an ultra-low VOC impregnating sealer – the first of its kind in the world. You can therefore use it to protect your stone while also protecting your health.

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