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Matching Dry-Treat products to your surface

Sometimes it seems like there are as many Dry-Treat products as there are types of natural stone! Sandstone, concrete, marble, terracotta – on which are you meant to apply Dry-Treat's STAIN-PROOF Original™? Or was it DRY-TREAT 40SK?

Consider this a helpful guide for what type of stone and surface you should be using your Dry-Treat products on, whether a sealer or a cleaner. While not an exhaustive list, with luck this should help you with some of the basic circumstances you may find yourself in. 

Sealing your sandstone tiles

Sandstone tiles are popular around the home for their versatility and, of course, their attractiveness, creating an earthy, organic appearance for a residence. 

However, it's also a soft type of stone that can absorb oil or water within a matter of seconds. For sandstone – and other types of soft stone, such as travertine and brick  – you'll want to go with DRY-TREAT 40SK™. This is particularly so if the stone is around saltwater, as DRY-TREAT 40SK specializes in protecting against damage from salts. 

Cleaning your stone kitchen countertop

If you've decided to install a marble or granite countertop in your kitchen, there's a good chance you'll be doing a lot of surface cleaning on that particular stone. While there are a number of cleaning products that can handle such a tough surface, the question is, will all of these be safe when it comes to repeated application?

HANAFINN Rejuvenata™ is specifically designed for daily cleaning of countertops made from natural stone, making it the perfect solution in this context. 

Removing food stains from an outdoor patio

You got your new stone patio installed and you couldn't wait to have your friends over. A good time was had all round – only the trouble is, as guests like to do, they went home and stuck you with the bill. Now, in the morning light you can see all kinds of stains left on your stone patio – from oil to what looks like tomato sauce. 

HANAFINN Rejuvenata ACTIVE™ is what you're going to need. The name sound similar to the cleaner mentioned above, but the difference is HANAFINN Rejuvenata™ ACTIVE has three different natural active enzymes for breaking down food residue and oils. And because it's safer to use than other chemical cleaners, you don't have to worry about sealing your eating area with it. 

Getting your grout sealed

The grout between your tiles is already barely discernable, so imagine how small its cracks and holes can be. You need a sealer that is made for grout but can also be applied to small surfaces. In this situation, STAIN-PROOF Original™, which can seal hairline cracks that are less than a tenth of an inch wide, is the product to use.

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