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Kitting out your bar with natural stone

If you're running a bar, drinks will get spilled.

Nothing says high-end quite like stone. It's not surprising, then, that numerous bars – or pubs, or taverns, or taprooms – make use of stone to give their premises an extra classy feel – if nothing else, they can charge more for the drinks!

In fact, there's virtually nowhere in an alcohol-serving establishment that natural stone can't go. The counter? Perhaps a nice, dark shade of granite. The floor? Maybe a layer of checkered travertine tiles across the entire space. The bathroom? Perhaps some beautiful marble walls and floors to really give the place a sense of sophistication. 

If you yourself happen to own a bar, you might yourself have stone surroundings, or at the very least be thinking about introducing some down the line.

Stone and drinks – a dangerous mix

Everyone knows that it can be dangerous to mix drinks. But it can be equally as perilous to mix the many varied drinks found in a bar environment and the stone surfaces you might have lying around. 

Just think about all the different types of liquids you typically find at a bar: Fruit juice, soda, water, not to mention all of the different types of alcohol of varying strengths. Spilling any combination of these liquids can create a literal cocktail of disaster for your stone surface. 

After all, the type of damage wrought by the citrus in certain juices is well known. But also consider the lesser-known havoc alcohol can wreak on stone. It can cause acid etching on calcareous stones like limestone, while on agglomerate type stones – manufactured stones made from natural stone and an adhesive product – it can literally melt them away. 

This is not to mention the numerous unsightly stains that can be caused by careless bar patrons, or even by employees pouring drinks and serving food in a high-pressure environment. What was once the pride of your establishment can suddenly transform into something less than appealing.

Any bar owner worth her or his salt – or spirits – would get any natural stone in the building sealed with some STAIN-PROOF Original™ in order to prevent any stains. After all, if there's one thing you can bank on in a bar, it's that a drink or two will be spilled over the course of the night.  

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