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How to clean grout with HANAFINN Oxy-Klenza™

If you install natural stone tiles in your home, you should always seal the grout in order to protect it from stains and damage.

However, if you’ve purchased a home with tiles already installed, you might find that the previous owners weren’t so diligent when it came to ensuring proper surface protection for their property. All it takes is one glass of wine spilled, and your grout to soak the liquid up, for you to find out this unfortunate fact.

Luckily, you can put Dry-Treat’s HANAFINN Oxy-Klenza™ to work to get it looking brand new again – and ready to seal. Here’s how.

1. Get prepared

You need to get all of the ingredients ready and in one place before you’re ready to start. Fill up a container of some kind – such as a bucket – with warm water. Put on any gear you might be using, such as plastic gloves, and, of course, get the Oxy-Klenza™.

You might also want to move furniture or any other sensitive item out of the way, just in case.

2. Make the solution

Put a scoop of Oxy-Klenza™ into the container of warm water. The ratio should be around two scoops for every gallon of water. Then stir it in until all the Oxy-Klenza™ granules dissolve.

3. Apply the solution

Using your scoop, carefully pour the solution onto the cracks between the tiles. You can also use a mop or a sponge – it all depends on the size of the space you’re cleaning.

Once this is done, leave it for 10 minutes to be absorbed.

4. Scrub the grout

When 10 minutes have passed, get scrubbing. You can use a scrubbing brush, a regular brush or even a toothbrush, for those particularly narrow areas. Gently scrub along the grout lines.

5. Rinse the grout

You should be able to quite clearly see when the stain removal is successful. At this point, get some fresh water, grab a rag or cloth, and rinse the Oxy-Klenza™ off the tiles. Don’t be afraid to use plenty of water for this.

When you’re done, your grout should be sparkling new again. There’s only one more step after you’ve carried out the surface cleaning, and that’s to get the grout sealed with a long-lasting, impregnating and invisible sealer. Just because the stain happened once doesn’t mean you should be ready to clean it again and again from now on.

Dry-Treat’s STAIN-PROOF Original™ and META CRÈME™ can protect the grout between the tiles, and have 15-year performance warranty when applied by one of Dry-Treat’s Accredited Applicator.

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