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How to choose the right Dry-Treat cleaning product

The location of what you're cleaning plays a big role in what product to use.

Dry-Treat offers consumers a wealth of options for surface cleaning. However, sometimes it can be difficult to know which product to use.

In many instances, the right choice will come down to whether you’re cleaning inside or outdoors.

Interior versus exterior surface cleaning

While it can be used both indoors and outside, Oxy-Klenza™ is more suited to exterior cleaning.

This product is oxygen-based and chlorine-free, able to break down organis stains and soiling on patios, decks, floors, building facades, walls, cladding, swimming pool surrounds, driveways and many other areas.

What’s great about Oxy-Klenza™ is that not only does it clean and break down odors, it’s also biodegradable. This means it decomposes into oxygen, water and natural salts, making it an eco-friendly product that’s perfect for outside use.

Sola-Kleena™ is another innovative product that is geared for exterior use. This product is photo-active, which means it works using the power of light.

After applying a coat of Sola-Kleena™, sunshine will help the product to break down organic dirt and grime, as well as other pollutants. Best of all, this product works over weeks at a time and can even keep working on a treated surface for years.

Sola-Kleena™ is especially well-suited to lighter colored materials, such as concrete.

Meanwhile, Rejuvenata ACTIVE™ is more geared for interior surface cleaning. This active enzyme cleaner concentrate works great on surfaces like polished marble, grout, brick and others.

From kitchens to entertaining areas, this product uses three different types of natural active enzymes to clean grime and stains caused by oils, food residue, and mold. It’s also an environmentally friendly product that is safer to use than many other traditional chemical cleaners.

Let the job be your guide

What you’re cleaning can often be the best way to determine which product is best-suited to the job.

For instance, the Rejuvenata™ spray is designed for use on countertops. This gentle daily cleaner can keep natural and engineered countertops sparkling. Additionally, Rejuvenata™ contains an invisible sealer that will enhance surface protection, keeping your stone looking great and making surface cleaning easier in the future.

When cleaning kitchen floors, you’ll be better served by using Rejuvenata ACTIVE™.

Removing stains

Depending on the type of stain, you may need to get creative with your removal method. However, Dry-Treat products can help with the removal of many different stains.

As an example, Oxy-Klenza™ can be used for removing stains caused by blood, coffee, animal droppings, fruit juice, ink, lipstick, mustard, nail polish, tea and more.

Oxy-Klenza™ can even be mixed into a paste with a little bit of water to create a poultice for deep-seated stain removal.

Sealing as part of cleaning

Impregnating sealers are typically associated with surface protection, but there’s no doubt that using a high-quality sealer can assist with cleaning, as well. Products like STAIN-PROOF Original™ will penetrate deep into the treated material and bond permanently inside the pores, creating a barrier designed to repel oil and water. This will aid with stain protection and also help prevent structural damage like efflorescence, spalling and picture framing.

By providing this protection, sealers make surface cleaning that much easier.

A helping hand

If you’re having trouble choosing a sealing product, Dry-Treat can make the process that much easier with our free Product Selector tool. Simply plug in the type of surface you’re working with, such as tiles or countertops, and the material, like granite or slate, and our tool will provide you with best options.

These include the best sealers to retain a materials natural look, as well as those designed to enhance or change the appearance of the stone for a wetter look.

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