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How do oil stains get on natural stone?

You're not likely to be walking around like this in the house, so where do oil stains occur?

If your home uses various natural stone surfaces, you’re probably aware of the different types of stains that stone is vulnerable to. Water and various acidic liquids can soak in through the porosity of stone and easily stain it.

It’s pretty easy to imagine circumstances when this might happen. You’re adding some vinegar to a delicious salad on your granite counter top and some of it falls outside the bowl, or perhaps you’re slicing lemons near a marble backsplash. You might even have terracotta tiles on your kitchen floor, where water is splashing all around the sink.

When it comes to oil, however, it might not be as easy to imagine how exactly this kind of stain can occur around the house. But knowing the problem areas is half the battle when embarking on marble or granite protection – or any other material around the house for that matter.

Where do oil stains happen?

Just as with water and vinegar, the kitchen can be a hot spot when it comes to oil stains. Whether it’s the grease from the bacon you were frying up or the cooking oil you accidentally spilled, fats and oils can ruin the surface you likely spent a good fraction of your paycheck on.

According to the Marble Institute of America, an oil-based stain tends to darken stone, leaving you with not only a messy-looking mark, but potentially altering the look of the stone you carefully picked out.

Another problem area, and one you might not often think about, is the garage and driveway. We’re used to leaving our cars here without a care in the world, but the longer it stays here, the greater the chance that oil motor oil will leak out and create an unsightly black stain.

This won’t simply damage concrete. With marble tiles also a popular choice for garage floor surfaces, it would seem there’s almost nowhere your beautiful marble surface is safe from oil.

Dry​-Treat’s STAIN-PROOF Original™ can help prevent this. Sealing your concrete, granite or marble with it ensures premium oil stain protection for your surface, wherever it is.

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