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Grout protection is tile protection

Leaks in the bathroom can quickly lead to moldy grout if proper care is not taken

Tiles are one of the most common forms you're likely to see natural stone take around the home. As with any decorative material, however, they're prone to damage.

In this case, we're not talking about damage caused to the tile itself, but rather, damage caused to the grout between tiles. Grout is vulnerable to a number of substances, and so often the best way to ensure tile protection is by making sure your grout is protected. 

What is grout?

Most people know grout as the pale material in the  grooves between tiles, with a similar appearance and consistency to dried paste. But what is it really?

"Grout is not mortar and grout is not concrete," the Masonry Advisory Council (MAC) tells us. "It is somewhere in between."

The MAC refers to it as the "soupy concrete" that flows between tiles to hold the masonry together, ensuring your beautiful natural stone tile wall remains standing and not slowly falling apart, tile by tile.

This fact also hints at the kind of wider repercussions of not taking care of your grout. If your grout gets damaged, then the whole structural integrity of your tile wall will quickly go from compromised to non-existent.

How does grout get damaged?

A variety of things can undermine the strength of your grout. Of course, if your grout is improperly mixed, or laid inadequately, it's fighting a losing battle from the very start. 

However, even the most finely mixed grout can suffer damage from water. Over time, water can seep into the porous surface of grout, undermining its stability, as well as quite possibly leading to build-ups of mold. This is particularly likely if you've set stone tiling in your bathroom. 

Dry-Treat's products don't just seal stones – they also work on grout, helping to repel water and keep your tiled wall or floor structurally sound. Apply a coat of META CRÈME™ or STAIN-PROOF Original™ and you can rest easy knowing your tiles will be secure.

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