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Go for the real deal when it comes to stone


Most people understand the durability and aesthetic value that comes with natural stone, but price points often stop home and business owners from incorporating it into their designs.

In fact, many people go so far as to opt for fake stone in an attempt to capture the beauty and hardiness of the real thing at a lower price.

However, what you may not realize is that faux stone is not always cheaper than real natural stone. As quarrying has become more efficient, the difference in price tags has narrowed and, depending on your application, going for the real deal might be more economical.

Additionally, if you’re the type of person who wants to help the environment, chances are you already know what a green material natural stone is. Unfortunately, unlike natural stone, which comes directly from the earth, man-made stone is created in a far less sustainable way. Often using man-made plastics and other toxic synthetics, fake stone doesn’t do any favours for Mother Nature.

Also, keep in mind that no two stones are the same. It’s impossible for man to recreate the variations in colour and texture found in natural stone.

Beyond the veneer

While fake stone may fool some eyes, it’s what’s beyond the surface that should interest home and business owners.

Faux-stone is just not as naturally hardy as its real-life counterpart, meaning it can chip and scratch easier than natural stone.

While natural stone still requires surface protection and maintenance in some instances, it’s an incredibly durable material that will stand the test of time. By providing natural stone with an added layer of protection through the use of a premium-quality impregnating sealer, you can ensure it continues looking great even in the face of water and oil spills.

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