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Exposed brick in the kitchen – another dangerous combination

A pizza oven is one case where brick might find its way in the kitchen.

Stop the presses: Using brick in the kitchen is okay again!

It used to be that people spent money, time and sweat in order to cover up the brick their properties were made out of. It was the height of fashion and design to cover the raw building material in order to create a space that was perceived as more elegant and sophisticated.

How times have changed. Nowadays, people are more likely to go to special trouble in order to leave their brick exposed, flouting it flamboyantly in the kitchen area. We’re here to give you the lowdown on the surface cleaning and protection side of things.

Brick in the kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most popular areas in which to incorporate brick into the interior decor. Whether on a wall, as a splashback or even as part of the oven design, it’s not necessarily unusual to see brick prominently displayed in some modern properties, giving a home that sought-after rustic feel.

Of course, some elect to use brick veneer rather than the real thing. Such a product typically does not have to be sealed. But for some, nothing but the authentic product will do, not being satisfied with something they will always perceive as fake.

There are some hazards regarding this, however.

Keeping your brick protected

If it’s in the kitchen, it’s going to get messy. Whether it’s spaghetti stains on the backsplash or water being tossed around from the sink, it’s more than likely your brick will get in the line of fire.

Brick is very porous, which makes it something of a double-whammy in terms of surface maintenance. For one, if it gets messy and you need a heavy duty cleaner, you require one that’s safe to use on a porous surface. With Dry-Treat’s HANAFINN Oxy-Klenza™, you’ve got that covered.

But you also need something for surface protection, to prevent water from running roughshod over your brick wall. For that, you’ll want to go with DRY-TREAT 40SK™, which is practically tailor-made for sealing brick.

With these products, you can have that rustic look for your kitchen without fear of damage.

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