Natural Stone Porous Materials Protection Cleaning D.I.Y.

Enhance the color of your stone

When you're looking for surface protection from stains, wouldn't it make sense to use a product that will also do more to enhance colors?

One of the best things about natural stone is that unlike man-made materials, the look of each stone is completely unique. No two stones are exactly the same, and the flecks of color that shine from each piece tell a different story every time.

The minerals found within natural stones affect their color. For instance, biotite, hornblende and carbon will result in black stone, while feldspar, calcite and dolomite will produce white stone. Home and business owners can choose from more subdued earth tones like brown and grey, or more eye-catching hues like red and yellow.

And best of all, since every stone is unique, you can count on a one-of-a-kind surface material that may vary in color and veining from piece to piece.

So when you’re looking for surface protection from stains, wouldn’t it make sense to use a product that will also do more to enhance these colors?

INTENSIFIA not only offers stain-protection for porous surfaces, it also features deep, long-lasting color enhancement.

Whether you want your colors to shine in the kitchen or your patio, INTENSIFIA is the clear choice. In addition to stone, it can also be used on clay and terracotta tiles and pavers, brick, concrete, polished concrete, terrazzo and saltillo.

Of course, just as every stone is different, each surface type may benefit differently from color enhancement. For instance, lighter stones won’t get as much out of color enhancement as darker ones. Then again, a little extra surface protection never hurt.

At the same time, keep in mind that even materials that may not need sealing can still benefit from color enhancement. For example, soapstone is a type of stone that doesn’t need sealing, but it will see great benefits from a product like INTENSIFIA.

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