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Driveway care: Basic ways to remove oil stains from concrete

Your driveway is an area that experiences use almost every day. Naturally, the stone you choose to use for this needs to be sturdy in order to deal with the various stains that can occur.

One of the most difficult stains to take care of in these situations is oil spills. These can occur randomly, or if you are taking care of car maintenance at your home. While these dark pools may seem impossible to remove, there are a number of solutions you can utilise to help rectify the issue.

Sealing your driveway is the best preventative measure you can take to help minimise the damage involved, but if oil is left for an extended period of time, this could eventually soak in and cause an unsightly stain.

Steam pressure cleaner

Blasting the stain with a high-powered steam blaster can help lift the stain out of the stone by liquefying it upon contact and forcing the oil stain to propel out of the surface.

It's important to remember that the power that these pieces of equipment use are enough to cause serious injury to users and asphalt, so be sure to take your time and be as careful as possible.

Kitty litter

An unlikely but extremely common solution to oil stains on driveways is one household item that many will have around – kitty litter stones.

Simply cover the stain with the product, stomp it into the stain and leave overnight. When the morning comes, sweep the litter away and hose the area down. Rinse and repeat until the stain is removed.

Trisodium phosphate

If the stain is extremely deep and stubborn, mixing one cup of the chemical trisodium phosphate with a gallon of water will create a mixture that can be poured onto the stain. Leave this soaking for around 15 minutes before scrubbing with an iron wool brush and rinsing the mixture away.

These cleaning tips can help you restore your driveway back to its original state, giving you a clean and aesthetically-pleasing introduction to your house, and alleviating any fears of lasting damage.

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