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Dos and don’ts for regular and heavy duty cleaning

Standard cleaning should be done as often as necessary to prevent the buildup of grime and dirt.

There’s a right way and a wrong way to accomplish any task, even something like cleaning your natural stone. In fact, when it comes to cleaning stone, whether it’s a standard clean or a more heavy duty one, doing it the wrong way could leave your beautiful floors, walls and countertops looking worse for wear.

Regular cleaning

Standard cleaning should be done as often as necessary to prevent the buildup of grime and dirt. This could be daily in areas that see high foot traffic.

For instance, if you have natural stone floors in your business entry way, chances are you’ll be cleaning more than a person with stone in a location that doesn’t see as much activity.

When it comes to regular cleaning, you’ll want to use a mild cleaner that won’t be too harsh. Hanafinn Rejuvenata¬†ACTIVE can be a great choice for regular surface cleaning, as this product is pH neutral.

This concentrate contains three different types of natural active enzymes that will break down soiling, yet is is safer than many traditional chemical cleaners.

Heavy duty cleaning

Sometimes, a more thorough cleaning is in order. If dirt or grime has been allowed to build up, you may need to focus on a heavy duty cleaning regimen.

Keep in mind, however, that regular maintenance can help you prevent the need for heavy duty cleaning. Prevention is better than treatment, after all.

It’s recommended that heavy duty cleaning be performed every three months, or more often if necessary. This is provided you use a cleaner and tools that won’t damage your stone.

Oxy-Klenza is a powerful, chlorine-free cleaner that can be used both indoors and outdoors. Able to break down tough, deep-seated organic stains and soiling, you should consider this product for any heavy duty cleaning needs.

Not only does it clean, it also breaks down odors!

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