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Don’t let Christmas fruitcake mean curtains for your stone

Baking can be messy at the best of times.

Christmas is a time of giving, well-wishing and goodwill to all mankind. It also traditionally the time of fruitcake.

Depending on where you stand on the fruitcake issue, this is either a good or a disastrously bad thing. Despite its ongoing status as a staple of the Yuletide season, fruitcake has its detractors, to say the least. One town in Colorado, Manitou Springs, is famed for its annual Great Fruitcake Toss, where participants gleefully launch the loathed loaves into the sky using catapults.

Why is fruitcake so unloved? There are many reasons, but if you own natural stone, it could be because its creation often necessitates a great deal of surface cleaning.

A short history of fruitcake

The earliest references to the fruitcake can be found during Roman times, when barley, pomegranate seeds, raisins and nuts were all combined together into something that would very generously be called a cake today.

The modern fruitcake began its centuries-long lifespan sometime around the Middle Ages. At this point, dried fruit became more readily available to Europeans, who made regional variations on the dessert. Its popularity increased in the 16th and 17th centuries with cheap sugar imports from the colonies.

By the 19th century at latest, people began baking fruitcakes for special occasions, serving them at weddings and other events. It’s still not entirely clear when it became the Christmas mainstay it’s known as today, but it likely dates to around this time.

Fruitcake and natural stone

Hauling out the fruitcake on Christmas isn’t only likely to elicit groans because of how oppressively familiar it’s become. It also has the potential to create stains on your natural stone, be it a terracotta tile floor or marble countertop.

Organic stains from fruit can cause a pink- and brown-colored stain on stone. While this can disappear on its own, you might also have to commit to some stain removal with a high-quality cleaner. If so, choose HANAFINN Rejuvenata ACTIVE™, which can quickly break down oil and other food residue.

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