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Could your restaurant benefit from a bit of brick?

Brick instantly creates a warmer feel in dining establishments.

At some point in our lives, we all get the hankering to try our hand at the food industry. The dream is to set up a hot spot that quickly becomes a defining fixture of the area, launching your status as a local trend-setter and catapulting you into the world of the gastronomic arts. In the meantime, you might also make a little bit of money and have some fun.

Alternatively, you might be an established restaurateur who’s looking to change locations, open up a new store or just add a little bit of pizzazz to your existing location.

In either case, you may want to consider using brick as a building material.

Give new meaning to ‘brick and mortar’

As a dine-in restaurant, you’re already a brick-and-mortar establishment – so why not embrace the label? Building your restaurant from brick can add a homely, rustic atmosphere, making your customers feel safe and warm.

Many restaurants opt to give their customers the total dining experience, never letting them forget that they’re eating out. While this certainly has its benefits, there’s also something to helping your customers feel at home at your establishment, and easing them out of the feeling that they’re eating in a stranger’s kitchen. Brick can make this happen.

A brick oven for that home-cooked feel

Instead of simply basing your wider architecture in brick, you could implement it into the actual creation of your meals by installing a brick oven.

Wood-fired brick ovens have been used for centuries, and there’s a reason they haven’t gone out of style. Many swear by the added flavour and quicker cooking time of brick ovens, and some people refuse to make pizza in anything else.

Be aware, however, that brick surfaces in a restaurant require careful surface protection to ensure longevity. If you’re going to be doing down this road, you’ll need the help of a product like STAIN-PROOF Original™ to protect it from the damage oil and other substances commonly found in restaurants can cause.

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