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Consider bluestone for your poolside paving needs

A stone that's naturally resistant to staining does not mean it's impervious to liquids.

Give some consideration to bluestone for your home if you’re looking for a durable, beautiful stone option for your outdoor entertainment.

Bluestone is a naturally occurring, fine grained blue/black/grey volcanic rock that comes in a variety of different shades and shapes, making it perfect for paving around pools or pathways leading to your backyard. It is a feldspathic sandstone made in a number of small quarries around Pennsylvania and New York.

Once installed and sealed with a high-quality impregnating sealer like STAIN-PROOF Original, bluestone is extremely strong and requires minimum maintenance – remaining aesthetically pleasing for you and your guests to enjoy in the future.

Sealing your bluestone will also help you to lock in some of the vibrant, rich color and textures that are a staple of the stone. A heavy duty sealer will also aid your efforts to stop the effects of heavy foot traffic.

If you’re using the stone around a swimming pool area, ensure the sealer you select is strong enough to provide surface protection against chlorine and any other products that are regularly used in the maintenance of a pool.

One of the most common mistakes that many people make when using bluestone in an area with a lot of exposure to water is to neglect drying the stone afterwards.

After all, a stone that’s naturally resistant to staining does not mean it’s impervious to liquids, so it’s never good to leave a large amount of water puddling on unprotected surfaces.

Following a big swim, take a mop around the pool and get rid of any large collections of water to avoid any discoloration on your paving. If you have any reservations, get in contact with a stone expert for insight and advice.

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