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Christmas crafts could mean calamity for your stone

Craft work these holidays could leave your stone in bad shape.

These days, families are just as – if not more – likely to spend Christmas watching television or playing video games as the more traditional holiday activities of yesteryear. But there's something to be said for the old-fashioned, tactile sense of wonder of Christmas crafts, which are still going strong today, even if they're less popular. 

Making crafts – whether you're making homemade figurines, tree decorations or cookie cutters – is a great way to get the head and the hands working at this time of year. It's also a messy affair, however, and could require some serious surface cleaning to rid all of its traces from your natural stone. 

These are just a few of the pernicious stains that can come from this fun activity. 

Glue stains

Whether you're sticking on glitter or putting multiple parts together, you'll need glue – copious amounts, possibly. Super glue, craft glue, even a hot glue gun – all of these are ideal craft solutions that can also create some problems for your tiled floor or stone countertop. 

According to Arkansas Stone Repair, glues and glue synthetics won't necessarily stain your stone. Super glue and hot glue will generally just be hard to remove from the stone surface, requiring scraping off with a razor blade. White and clear glue are the same, but darker glues can in fact leave stains that will require a poultice. 

Paint stains

Paint is probably the most common type of craft-related stain you're likely to get on your stone, whether it's Christmas or not. And unlike glue, these will most definitely stain your stone – quite deeply in some cases. 

Water-based stains are the easier of the two broad types in terms of stain removal. These can be blotted out with a white and clean cloth if acted on immediately, plus scraped off – otherwise they will penetrate the stone. 

The oils and solvents in oil-based paints, however, will carry dyes deep beneath the stone's surface. While you can use paint stripper, be aware this can create etch marks on the stone. The safer bet is combining a powerful cleaner like HANAFINN Oxy-Klenza™ with a poultice and removing it this way. 

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